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Regular services



08:00 Holy Communion at St John's Markyate on Second and Fourth Sundays of the month

08.00 Holy Communion at St Leonard's Flamstead on First and Third Sundays of the month

There is no 08.00 Service on Fifth Sundays of the month

09.30 Holy Communion at St John's, Markyate

11.15 Holy Communion at St Leonard's Flamstead

Joint Benefice Services are held occasionally on specified Sundays in one church of the benefice at 10.15. These replace the regular 09.30 or 11.15 services

18:00 Evening Worship (see evening worship page)


    09:00 Tues Morning Prayer, St Leonard's, Flamstead

    09.00 Weds Morning Prayer, St Johns, Markyate

    10:00 Weds Holy Communion, St John's, Markyate

    09:00 Thurs Morning Prayer, St John's, Markyate

    09.00 Fri Morning Prayer, St Leonard's, Flamstead

    10:00 Fri Holy Communion, St Leonard's, Flamstead