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St Leonard's Flamstead - Historical archive

On this page you can find materials relating to the history and architecture of St Leonard's church. As the work of the Flamstead Heritage Group progresses, we hope to add more material, including original research on our building, its wall paintings and grafitti.

Extracts from the Flamstead Church Registers

This document excerpts a number of interesting items from the historic registers of the church, now held in the Hertfordshire Archives.

Flamstead, Its Church and History, by The Revd Vincent Bullard and Sir Edgar Sebright (1902)

A short architectural history of St Leonard's church, published in 1902 by the then Vicar. It includes a chapter contributed by the Lord of the Manor, Sir Edgar Sebright, describing his own family's connections with the church. This document was published at the inception of the last sequence of restoration works to the building, carried out between 1902 and 1905.