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Who we are

St John's and St Leonard's work together to share God's love with each other and their villages. 

We try hard to live the Gospel. On a good day, we get it right, but we are all 'works in progress'.

We believe in a Kingdom of Heaven where everyone is included. This means you, too.

We are members of the Inclusive Church Network. 

St John's runs 'the Parish Pantry'; providing food to those in need. Both parishes actively support asylum seekers and refugees. We keep our church buildings open during the day: for visitors, for those seeking peace, and for prayer.

We love music and sing a lot, we study God's word and we pray together. Each church has a different but thriving outreach to children and families. We are thoroughly enjoying watching 'The Chosen' together as our Lent course.

We are glad when visitors arrive, and when new people join us. 

We would love to meet you.




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