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What’s the process?

Welcome to this page outlining the process for the baptism of children in the two parishes of Flamstead and Markyate. We are delighted to be able to assist you in this process and invite you to join in wholeheartedly with the life of the church as you explore your child’s baptism.

The first thing to do is to book a time to see the Vicar for an initial meeting. This booking can be made after service on Sundays or through the parish office.

The initial meeting

Baptism is a wonderful opportunity to consider the beliefs of the Christian faith and the richness it affords us in daily life. The process leading up to baptism will engage us in some of the deeper questions about our life and purpose as God’s people. People often ask me what they should do before coming to baptism. The answer is normally to say that there is nothing we should do, but there are things that we might want to do. At some point before the baptism the vicar or one of the Church members will visit you at home and explore some of the themes of the Christian faith and membership to the church. In particular we will focus our discussion around the following points:

  • Understanding baptism?
  • Who was Jesus?
  • Commitment to the Church
  • Faith in the home

Some of the themes above are mentioned in the material below and over the page. Please take some time to read what is here and look at the leaflet Your child’s baptism in the Church of England. It is important to say that this is not a ‘test’, there are no right or wrong answers.

After the initial meeting

After we’ve met it will be time to complete the application form and book a time for the baptism. Normally baptisms happen on the first Sunday in any month at 12.45. Other times can be arranged and of course it is possible to have the baptism as part of the main Sunday service.

The Service

The baptism service can be very simple or it can be made into quite an occasion. For example it is possible to have personalised orders of service produced (with photographs), it is also possible to book an organist for the service if hymns are required (outside of Sunday Service) and to choose people to do readings as part of the service. These options can be discussed once the baptism has been booked.

What to do now

In the run up to a baptism there are four simple things to do:

  • Meet the vicar after church to book an appointment
  • Read up about baptism and what it means
  • Consider ways of expressing your faith at home (giving thanks before a meal, prayer before bed)
  • Get involved in the local church – be there when it meets on a Sunday or in the week!

After baptism

If the baptism service has been conducted outside of the Sunday service the family and child will be welcomed into the local church community by the giving of a lighted candle.

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